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Organisational development

Customized processes redeems the potential both in organisations and individuals

Redeem the potential

For us, organisational development and leadership training deal with releasing the potential in the individual and the team for the benefit of the business. GML-HR has carried out training and development courses for a number of companies in different industries and with different maturity.

All companies have individual goals and challenges, which is why every training course is tailored to the client. We create learning through use of well-proven and innovative methods and by involving the participants interactively. The result is stronger teams, individual development and anchoring in the organisation.

Developing and anchoring

Good management is the difference between success and failure, and it is the manager’s prime duty to administer the human resources and inspire his or her employees to produce an optimal effort. GML-HR tailors the manager development course to the company’s situation and challenges, and it is carried out as an intensive course with subsequent personal sparring.

We have carried out a number of development courses focusing on moving both the individual and the team. The elements in the development course are tailored to the client’s need and can be a combination of overall elements and more basic tools for the workday. That revolves, among other things, around:

  • Manager development
  • Coaching as a management tool
  • Distance management
  • Sales management
  • Personal effectiveness
  • Staff development discussions
  • Recruiting
  • Team building

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