Have a dedicated team at your disposal

GML-HR has a professional set-up for handling recruitment projects in which the client must carry out a big number of recruitments in a short time. Our Insourcing concept covers a project in which GML-HR, as a third party, carries out either parts of - or the whole recruiting process at the company. Most often, we are used as in-house consultants on these projects and are seen as a part of the client’s business, where we with our competencies and experiences contribute to lifting larger recruitment projects in cooperation with the company.

Typically, a strong partnership arises, in which we not only contribute our core competencies but also get a deep insight into the company’s culture, conduct and values. This contributes to working out precise selection criteria when new staff members must be employed in cooperation with the company’s hiring managers and HR organisation.

Projects of this type most often run over a long period, and we put together a dedicated team of GML-HR staff members to ensure full focus and commitment to the company.

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