When is the right time for a job change?

We recommend that you evaluate your career at appropriate intervals. Are you thriving in your current job, does it hold the right challenges, and does it provide you the opportunity to develop yourself in the direction you would like? Are you thinking about a job change while you are in a positive job situation? That increases the opportunity that your next job change will be a positive additional choice rather than a job change driven by frustration and the desire to get away quickly.

Write a good CV

A well-written and informative CV should have highest priority. Start out writing a basic cv that takes a starting point in your educational background, courses, working tasks, area of responsibility, results, language proficiency, IT etc.

Then choose the most essential and relevant information from your basic cv and compose a target cv that matches to the job, you seek. Now, with this, you have a great opportunity to enhance your relevant experience from earlier job positons. You must keep your basic cv updated, otherwise you perhaps forget to bring important details into your target cv.

Short or long cv?

It is of key importance to find the right balance between too much and too little information according to your cv – keep off unnecessary information in relation to the job, you seek.

Do not take for granted that the recipient is familiar with the companies you have previously worked for (industry, extent etc.). Therefore, give a brief description describing main information of your earlier place of employment. Be aware of that two positions with same title can have different job content, so it’s worth elaborating on areas of responsibility.

Substantiate your qualifications by pointing out exceptional results and successes, where you have made a difference. Time is short when you want to capture the recipient’s attention, so therefore it is essential to focus on a sharp cv that has a personal content. Use your cv effectively – avoid using standard templates and drop undesirable statements.

Preparation for the interview

It is important to achieve optimal outcome of your job interview, so you can deem if the job position and company have your interest. Acquaint yourself thoroughly with the job position, place of employment and industry. Be explicit about the elements that is important for you i.e. job content, your future manager, values of the company, education and future opportunities, and prepare relevant questions. Consider your expected outcome of the interview and target your preparation towards that. Remember that it is not only the company that has to choose – it is also you!

Be explicit about why you have applied for the position and be prepared to point out your qualifications with a thorough and targeted walk through your cv. Disregard what others did wrong and concentrate the presentation on yourself and your achievements. Be explicit about your mistakes and learnings you gained.