New opportunities for those able to attract the talents

A lengthy period with significant structural evolution and economic downturn has left its mark on industry and changed the circumstances for many companies. Even though the challenges continue to be considerable, the crisis has also opened up opportunities. Especially for those which have had the courage to lead the way in restructuring the market and redefining the value chain. New niches arise, for example, in robotic technology, which is rapidly developing and has huge potential.

We believe that the companies with strong management, commercial focus, innovative approach and highly qualified employees will come off best under the new conditions.

Therefore, attracting employees is as important as ever. Sometimes, the right employees are already in the organisation, but, in many cases, it is necessary to supplement them with new ones to achieve the necessary pool of competencies, experiences and new ideas. We increasingly see that the right competencies are a scarce element in Denmark. Therefore, we often supplement the search for highly specialized specialists with a particular focus on candidates from abroad.

We know industry and the most talented professionals

Well-qualified and highly motivated employees at all levels are constantly a decisive factor for achieving competitive advantages. We help our clients achieve this advantage through identification, assessment and recruiting of skilled professionals with successful histories.

Our consultants have carried out a sizeable number of recruitments for Danish and international industrial companies. They have, among others, been for larger production and project companies as well as for more niche-oriented high-tech companies.

We have extensive experience with industry, and our expertise includes all function areas from chief managers and general management to specialists and mid-level managers in the areas of projects, sales and marketing, engineering, R&D, procurement and supply chain, finance and IT.