Tomorrow it will be even stronger

In recent years, the behaviour of consumers has changed radically. Technology has provided easy access to a world of products, information, notifications and price comparisons – and that has made today’s consumers more conscious and critical, among other things about the sustainability of products.

Branded products are in constant movement and attempt to show the way by cultivating new market opportunities. Also, private labels have been marked by significant growth. Formerly, private labels were mainly used to market low-end products, but today retail chains make an effort to mark private labels at all price levels, and they constantly take up more shelf space in the shops.

Innovation and product development are critical factors for FMCG companies. Today, innovation is often carried out in close cooperation with consumers, in which they contribute with their experiences and attitudes. In that way, companies can keep up to date with the consumers’ increasing demand.

The innovative force must come from the organisation and by having employees who have their finger on the pulse. The strongest team wins in the long run. Therefore, attracting and securing well-qualified employees is probably the most critical challenge for every FMCG company today.

We know FMCG and the people in the industry

Well-qualified and highly motivated employees at all levels are constantly a decisive factor in achieving competitive advantages. We help achieve this advantage through identification, assessment and recruitment of skilled professionals with successful histories.

Our consultants have carried out a sizeable number of recruitments for Danish FMCG companies. They have been for large, well-established companies with an international focus, but also more niche-oriented companies. We have extensive experience with the FMCG sector, and our expertise includes all function areas from chief managers and general management positions to specialists and mid-level managers in sales and marketing, purchasing, production, quality, supply chain and finance.