Drastic changes underline the need for people of the right calibre

New winds are blowing in the retail industry, where the behaviour and expectations of consumers have great impact on the development. Even though shops continue to play a considerable role in the contact with customers, they are strongly challenged by increasing e-commerce and new trends in the direction of omnichannel, in which the combination of different sales outlets becomes even more widespread. Changed consumer behaviour, the Internet and even more efficient logistics in the handling of e-commerce open things up for new actors and increase the pressure on retail.

In addition, the economic downturn has affected the retail sector. Discount chains have increased their market share while the traditional chains have lost ground and are trying their hand at having new profiles in the market. It is difficult to predict which will be the winners in the fight for customers in the coming years. But many things indicate that we face a paradigm shift in which, for example, the purely e-commerce companies will begin to open physical shops.

Good management and the capability to carry out restructuring and create change will be essential competencies in the retail of the future. The overall management must have the conceptual insight and ability to come up with innovative strategies to survive in an increasingly challenged industry. In addition, it’s expected that the employees will be professionally sharp and talented at cost-effective operation combined with a high degree of consumer understanding and business acumen.

We know where the best retail talents are!

Well-qualified and highly motivated employees at all levels are constantly a decisive factor for achieving competitive advantages. We help our clients achieve this advantage through identification, assessment and recruiting of skilled professionals with successful histories.

Our consultants have carried out a sizeable number of recruitments for Danish retail and e-commerce companies. They have been for large, well-established companies and various chain structures, but also for more niche-oriented companies, among others in e-commerce. We have extensive experience with the retail sector, and our expertise includes all function areas from product manager and general management positions to specialist and mid-level managers in sales and marketing, e-commerce, retail operations, purchasing, supply chain, IT and finance.

“Retail is, to a high degree, challenged by changed consumer behaviour, e-commerce and omnichannel.”