We deliver professional Search & Selection services to meet the need of each individual client.

Search & Selection

The art of finding the perfect match between job and candidate

We understand the people and business

Recruiting deals with finding the right candidate for the vacant position. Quite simple, but not entirely easy.

In our world, it presupposes that we have good judgment about people and business. We must master the task of unveiling the candidates’ professionalism and personalities and matching that up to the company’s business, culture and values. Therefore, our consultants are, first and foremost, experts at HR.

Employee at GML-HR has extensive experience in recruiting specialists, mid-level managers and executives. We ensure high quality in the selection of the best qualified candidate, because the basis of the collaboration is always a close relationship with and a thorough knowledge of our clients. We think innovatively and tailor each individual recruitment.

We are specialized in Search, through which we actively seek out relevant candidates for the position. In combination with thorough assessment of the candidates and use of the industry’s best testing tools, it provides an effective process and high accuracy.

Position levels and professional areas

Our services are targeted at the recruitment of specialists, mid-level managers and executives.

We have experience recruiting for the following functional areas:

  • Finance
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • E-commerce
  • Purchasing
  • IT
  • QHSE
  • Supply Chain Management
  • R&D
  • Engineering
  • Production
  • Project management

We are an active part of your industry

We make a difference by knowing the industries we work with. It provides an effective start in which the client can quickly introduce us to the mechanisms existing in their world. Our consultants have management experience or extensive consulting experience in the industries they specialize in, and that provides them a thorough knowledge of the industry’s companies and key persons.

We take part in industry-related networks and events to continuously stay up-to-date on developments and simultaneously cultivate our network. In addition, our consultants have carried out recruiting both in Denmark and internationally and thus have built up solid experience and a wide-ranging network within the field. We keep a watchful eye on the career development of experienced decision-makers and the new talents and thus have a good overview of the field of candidates in the various industries.

Our process builds upon insight

We realize that successful recruiting require understanding of the actual situation at our clients’ companies. Therefore, we highly prioritize the initial dialogue – it must ensure that we become equipped to represent the client in the selection process.

Our process can be divided into the following phases:

  • Analysis
  • Search for and generation of candidates
  • Screening of candidates
  • Candidate presentation

We prioritize a high level of information during the process – both in relation to our clients and the candidates involved. Continuous feedback and open dialogue during the process ensure a constructive course.

Track record – Quality in the recruitment

Each year, GML-HR handles more than 150 recruitments, spread out among most of the function areas. We follow up on the carried-out recruitments with both the company and the candidate. We do that to make sure both parties are satisfied with the employment. The introduction of a new employee takes time, and we therefore follow up continuously.

More than 96% of the candidates are still in the job at the end of the guarantee period, and a great many of them are advanced to new areas of responsibility with the first two years of employment.

We evaluate our process by asking the candidates to give their assessment of the sequence of events in the recruitment. The candidates rate our work based on various parameters. It gives us valuable input in relation to maintaining a high level and making adjustments where necessary.

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