We deliver professional Search & Selection services to meet the need of each individual client.

Who is GML-HR

Consulting firm with industry focus

GML-HR is an ambitious and well-established consulting company with experienced consultants in the areas of Search & Selection, manager training and organisational development.

We have chosen to focus on industries we know in depth, as we believe that extensive industry knowledge helps to qualify our services and advice. Today, GML-HR works with a number of the country’s leading energy, industry, FMCG and retail companies.

“We have a positive view of the future and a firmly anchored belief that a consulting firm based on good old virtues, high professionalism as well as innovation and curiosity has legitimacy.”

HR must provide business advantages

GML-HR was established to deliver professional HR services which contribute to strengthening the clients’ business. Our consultants are motivated first and foremost to work with HR – to find candidates and develop managers and organisations.

We have not revolutionized the processes, nor have we invented a wonder cure that ensures an easy short cut to results and success – either in recruiting or in organisational development. But we have built an organisation of competent consultants with particular knowledge of and experience with the industries they work with. In our view, that ensures the best advice to our clients.

Our consultants get training and have the best tools at their disposal. We prepare solutions tailored to the client’s needs, we work innovatively, and we are constantly in motion. Therefore, we have a serious attitude about our work, are true to our values and have the courage to challenge our clients.

Whether we work with recruitment, organisational development or management training, we have succeeded when we have contributed to developing the client’s business. We find the best-qualified candidates, develop organisations in relation to the business they run, and train managers to become even more capable in handling their area of responsibility.

Our mission is to deliver professional HR work which fulfils the need for every individual client.

“We want to be known for delivering advice with a high degree of quality and professionalism. The goal is to be the preferred partner for clients and candidates.”


GML-HR was established in 2010 by experienced consultants. The goal was to build a consulting firm with dedicated consultants with a good understanding of business, strong HR competencies and the will to go the extra mile to contribute to the clients’ development.

GML-HR was established in 2010 by experienced consultants. The goal was to build a consulting firm around dedicated consultants with a good understanding of business, strong HR competencies and the will to go the extra mile to contribute to the clients’ development.

GML-HR has had positive development through the years, during which the organisation has grown in step with the increasing level of activity. We are favoured by working with some of the leading companies within the respective industries. It is a good mix of large, well-established companies and smaller start-up and growth companies.

Even though we are anchored in Denmark, we also work internationally.

GML-HR is now owned by five partners, all of them active in the daily operation. From the start, the company has had affiliated external advisors. In the first year, an advisory board with experienced business people assisted by providing guidance and experience. Later, the board was supplemented by external members, who come with experience and up-to-date knowledge of the industries we focus on. That provides good sparring for the ongoing development of the company.

In 2012, we established a sub-brand, GML-HR Retail. In this framework, we work with recruitment and training specially directed to larger retail chains at the shop level.

The head office in Kolding is supplemented by offices in Aarhus and Copenhagen.


At GML-HR, we uphold three fundamental values:

  • Professionalism
  • Helpfulness
  • Sense of responsibility

That applies internally in relation to colleagues and externally in relation to clients, candidates and other cooperating partners.

International mindset

Even though our base is in Denmark, we consider ourselves a consulting firm with an international outlook.

A lot of inspiration and new thinking of relevance to our own business and our clients’ businesses comes from abroad, and, therefore, we have had an international approach to the work from the start. It is natural for us to have an international focus in relation to finding the best candidates for the positions we work on. Often, several of the candidates we present to our clients come from abroad.

We work out international assignments in which we recruit foreign candidates for Danish companies, just as we support foreign companies in recruitment tasks in Denmark. The members of our research team use the best conceivable tools to handle international recruiting, among other things a widely branching network and various IT tools. We participate in well-established industry networks with leading, technical universities and business schools in Europe. In this way, we gain access to the best international candidates.


Ethics are about doing the right thing, even when there is no one there to see it! Ethics and trust are the basic fundament in our company. We continuously make an effort to uphold high ethical standards in relation to our clients, candidates and other interests. That is not only a promise, but a core value in our company. It is reflected, among other ways, in the following:

  • Fixed price – we have full transparency concerning the fee for our work. A fixed price for the tasks is always arranged to avoid conflicts of interest in the process.
  • Off-limits – we commit that we will not contact candidates employed by a company that is a client of ours.
  • Diversity – we support equality, which means that we will not favour candidates based on gender, race, sexual orientation or political and religious grounds.
  • Confidentiality – we respect confidential information and do not pass on information about a candidate without permission, just as we do not pass on confidential information about our clients without having special permission. We follow the law in the EU’s Personal Data Directive.
  • We always follow the high professional standards outlined by AESC. Read more about AESC at www.aesc.org

Do you want to know more?

Contact Lars Gaarde, if you want to know more about GML HR.

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