VELUX – Senior Metal Specialist

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Do you want to use your highly specialised knowledge of metals and their properties to help us cut our CO2 emissions by 50% by 2030? Then join dedicated colleagues as we provide our expertise before, during and after production of our iconic products. 

By 2041, we will have captured all our historical CO2 through forest conservation in our partnership with WWF, thereby becoming lifetime carbon neutral. We wish to take responsibility for our past as the first company in the construction industry. 

Your challenges

To live up to our climate ambitions, we will focus on the metals in our production to ensure that they leave as low a carbon footprint as possible. As a senior metal specialist, one of your tasks will be to help us source the right materials to achieve this, and as you advise us on the metal used in the development of new products, the carbon footprint will always be at the back of your head. 

Another important task is to support our factories if issues arise with our metal processing such as roll forming, bending and punching. Your role will be to assess whether an issue is rooted in substandard materials or if the equipment needs adjusting – and you will do so as fast as possible to minimise standstills of our production.  

Apart from our factories, you will get support requests from our supply coordinators and colleagues in System Design and Operation, After Market Sales and Services and Front End who develop brand new concepts. You will also collaborate with our lab as you request tests on our metals and draw qualified conclusions from the results.

Some of your most important tasks will be to:

  • Support our production when issues arise and adjust new upgrades and equipment to prevent setbacks 
  • Participate in cost out projects to optimise our production, for example by providing insight on how we can bend our metals better to save resources while improving hardness and strength 
  • Advise on the design of accessories so they live up to our desired quality 
  • Write specifications covering the functions and quality of our materials and ensure that they live up to the necessary standards for certification

Your qualifications

You have a mind as sharp as a steel trap and can balance different tasks at the same time without losing focus and sense of priority as you often handle several requests at once and you never know what is coming in.

Even though you are experienced enough to appreciate our straightforward communication, you have not lost your curiosity and are eager to learn. And like us, you passionately want to make a difference to optimise our production and minimise its carbon footprint.

Professionally, we imagine that you:

  • Have specialised in steel, but your way to this knowledge can be manifold – maybe you have an education as a physicist, mechanical engineer or another engineering degree that has given you knowledge of the physical properties of metal, or perhaps you started out as a blacksmith or maybe you even have PhD, but none of this is a prerequisite
  • Have some years of experience from an industrial production company or a producer of steel or metal
  • Have an aptitude for IT systems as this is an important tool for making specifications of our metals – we use Windchill as our PLM software
  • Speak and write English fluently – Danish is not a prerequisite


Your opportunities

You will join our Applied Materials department. Here, we are 1 lead specialist and 1 senior specialist who complement each other well as we support the operation, generate new ideas and keep our heads cool as the requests continue to come. We look forward to welcoming you as our third musketeer and to teach you the specifics of our production as time goes on. 

In the department, we appreciate honest and fair communication. We might not be the ones calling the most attention to ourselves, but no one is in doubt that we are the ones to call when issues arise. 

If you are not already living in Denmark, we provide a relocation package to ensure that you and the rest of your household settle here smoothly and get a great start to your new lives.


Application and Contact

If you would like to know more about this opportunity and the VELUX Group, please feel free to contact Partner at GML-HR Lars Halsboe at +45 2425 8808, who is handling this recruitment on behalf of the VELUX Group.


Søg stillingen

07 / 2021